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Monday, February 28, 2011

Moving forward >>>>>>

March 12 will be the date we all will know those who will be the newly elected board members. Regardless of the election we need to look forward at this time for the betterment of our association. There are hurt feelings, anger, and a lot of mistrust and division in Candlewick and this needs to change. We have lost our general manager in my opinion in no small part to exactly those problems. A management changeover can be an expensive process not only in the management training overlap but also the new manager will have to get a feel for all the intricacies involved in budgeting and cost controls.

The road repair and rebuilding project needs to progress as we all can see from the deterioration of our roads this spring. There is also the new legislation with which we must comply. Add to that the CC&R and By-Laws rewrites and it will be a herculean task for a new manager to wrap his or her mind around. Cooperative help will be needed, not dissention.

I personally intend to back off my aggressive posts in the hope our neighbors with whom we have been in conflict will do the same. We do not want to make the transition any more difficult than necessary. To facilitate this we must not have an internal war. I truly believe both factions are tired of this and want to move forward. Let’s do it and fulfill the potential Candlewick has to offer. It will benefit us all both financially and in our community environment. The time for healing has come.

Ken Dillenburg