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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The lightning flashed and the thunder roared

More of you folks really need to start attending the board meetings. Believe me, they are much more exciting than T.V. Last night Kelvin (Chief) earned his pay by stopping what was about to become a fist fight in the audience. The meeting was stopped for about five minutes to resume order and calm everyone down. There are solid divisions in our community and they surface at the board meetings with a vengeance. The forty or so attendees got their money’s worth. Now on to the meat of the meeting.

Bonnie Marron and Dennis Balk were recognized by the audience for their acts during the blizzard which we mentioned here yesterday. The odd email that went out regarding the by-laws was also discussed with the board’s indication any vote would be meaningless and the board had no affiliation with the sender.

The employee of the year and quarter were recognized with both awards going to Genelle Remminger of the office staff who has stepped in for an employee during her rehabilitation as well as being an exceptional employee in general. Please excuse the spelling of the name, which I am sure is incorrect.

Our finances remain strong with total cash of $3,222,781 of which approximately $2,500,000 is in reserves for the upcoming road project and other necessary expenditures. Lookin’ good!

The decision was made by the board to pay the dredgers the $11,700 we had withheld in a dispute over penalties. The payment is to be made even over some audience dissention. They may be right in their vote even though I have doubts on this one.

$1,939.60 was written off as uncollectable debt. This can happen through foreclosures and other filings and is simply a continuing cost.

Proposals are being considered for the Grill, which is expected to open again in May. There are two possible lessees at this time. A contract is being prepared. Candlewick is no longer going to be the holder of a liquor license for the Grill and the new lessee will be responsible for that expense.

There was discussion of the new fishing club that was mentioned here a few posts ago by Chuck Hart of Lake Management. It was agreed the new club may use Candlewick facilities as a meeting place at no charge.

Without going into all the details of the calculations of the amounts it will suffice to say most of us will be getting a credit to our dues this year in the amount of $130.00 and the assessed dues will have no increase again this year for the third year so in effect you will have an extra $130.00 to spend. This is from accrued savings by coming in under budget for some time. This credit will continue in future years if we are under budget going forward. Please read the details in the next newsletter for specifics.

All were asked to attend the candidate forum this coming Sunday at 1 P.M. in the rec center gym. Following the abuse of the candidates will be the budget hearing for explanation and comments prior to the finalizing board vote. You will like the budget in my opinion unless you are on the more government side looking for ways to diminish Candlewick’s reputation as a well run homeowners association.

As always these are comments from my personal notes and not finalized minutes so please be sure to read the newsletter for confirmation.

Ken Dillenburg