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Monday, February 21, 2011

Brief Summary of Candidates Forum

The candidates forum was held yesterday afternoon at 1:00 pm in the rec center gym. This was a great opportunity to learn more about the candidates who are running for the Board and will be representing us in the coming year. Approximately 45 residents braved the weather to attend this year.

The forum provides the opportunity to submit questions to the candidates and hear first hand how they feel about issues of concern to property owners. The question and answer period was limited to two hours. Not all of the questions could be asked due to the time limitation.

The forum was videotaped and will be available for viewing. We will keep you informed when we learn the specific details.

A number of people have recommended holding the forum before mailing the ballots next year so that the opportunity to listen to the candidates arrives before the ballots.

The forum started with opening statements in which the candidates revealed why they were running for the board and the issues that were important to them. The candidates are Ken Dillenburg, Sandy Morse, Pam Cangelosi, Don Parisi, Walter Rosado and Phil Saia.

Three issues of great interest were incorporation, keeping our gates in place and the management of CWL operations.

Opinions on each of these issues were split:

Ken and Sandy were against incorporation. They were in favor of keeping our gates in place and strongly support the Board and GM in the management of CWL operations.

Walter and Phil were in favor of incorporation. They were not committed to keeping our gates in place. Both indicate they believe CWL is not that well managed and that there is over-budgeting.

Pam and Don were against incorporation at this time. Both are in favor of keeping our gates in place. Pam and Don both support the Board and GM in the management of CWL operations.

We will revisit some issues and positions that were discussed at the forum in greater detail in future posts.

If you have not yet attended one of the candidate forums, you may want to stop by next year before casting your vote.

Submitted by Mary Budreau