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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey! I didn't get a ballot

We have heard from some folks that say they did not receive a ballot for the board of directors election. The ballots were sent out by bulk mailing and this can cause some problems with forwarding. You should have received your ballot by now. If not, please contact the administration office in person or by phone to request a ballot. This is a very important election that will effect the future of your association. Do not skip this one. Your vote counts!

Another note. Please, if you are unable to attend the annual meeting be sure the proxy that was enclosed with your ballot is mailed in the large envelope addressed to the secretary but not enclosed in the small ballot envelope. It can also be dropped off at the rec center or someone you trust may be given it to vote in the annual meeting. If there are not enough attendees or proxies the meeting will have to be re-scheduled at a substantial expense to your association.

Ken Dillenburg