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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You'll never know how it feels

Often this is the way it feels to be on the board of directors. Before I was on the board I felt free to tear into any subject or group I felt was working against our community. When on the board a new set of standards falls into place. There are so many times I would like to just cut loose and let everyone know my perception of a subject but I am either tied by confidentiality or held to a different standard by my board seat. I can give my opinions as an individual but I must always be cognizant not to say or write things that can be construed as board opinion. I hope all understand if I am silent on an issue it is not because I have no opinion, it is due to my responsibility not to overstep the bounds. Rest assured proper actions are happening to assure correct steps are being taken by your board to protect your community. Do I care and am I involved? You're darn right but you will have to trust me on that point until my term ends and I can cut loose again.   Ken