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Monday, April 30, 2012

Another new government mandated expense

More pool regulations
Our general manager has been on top of this so we will be fine but it is just one more expense you are being forced to pay. If this new regulation had not been handled fines could be in the tens of thousands. This is federal law and with this and the pool drain issues some municipalities are considering just shutting down their pools due to the continuing added expenses. It will be interesting to see how much usage the lift gets. We want everyone to have access to our pool but if it the lift is never used it will be just one more burden on you, the property owners. The money to pay for this as well as all the other new government rules comes from your dues. That is our only source of funds.

Excerpt for the Rockford Register Star..........
ROCKFORD — For the second time in seven months, public swimming pool owners are scrambling to meet deadlines to comply with new federal pool regulations.
Hotels, swimming clubs, parks and municipalities have until May 21 to meet the 2010 Americans with Disability Act standards for accessible pool design. The standards will require pool owners to install permanent chairlifts or sloped entries to allow people with disabilities unassisted access to swimming pools.

Ken Dillenburg