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Monday, April 2, 2012

Cherry Valley caught up

From the RR star, a letter to the editor........

I live in Cherry Valley Township, and have Great Northern Utilities as a water provider. In the past three months our water bills have gone up about 400 percent, $25 to $110.
I have contacted the attorney general’s office and was told that it was not a concern of theirs because it was not consumer fraud. I then contacted the Illinois Commerce Commission and was able to file a comment with it. I was under the mistaken belief that the Commerce Commission is in business to ensure that the public is not cheated by businesses that have no competition.
Our subdivision has no choice but to purchase water from Great Northern Utilities. We need help, but apparently we have so few people in this subdivision we are unimportant to the local politicians.
— Norman Kappes, Rockford
posted by Ken