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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A major new Candlewick project

Although it has been kept under wraps for the past year, there have been extensive discussions between the board and general manager regarding the feasibility of installing twelve foot tall electric fencing completely around the perimeter of Candlewick. The meetings have been held at night by candlelight in the basement of the office building  to avoid attracting prying eyes. The fencing has been brought forward due to the prevalence of aggressive predatory deer entering our community as well as the desire to keep Candlewick residents from escaping. It has been a question of whether to use electric fencing or coiled razer wire. Some will consider electric fencing shocking but it will not be unless you touch it.
Although all realize this will involve extensive hardship on many due to the special assessments necessary for this approximately two million dollar project, it has been decided this is a necessary and justifiable expense. We all have noticed kids escaping over the current fence to go to Countryside Center or other areas. This must stop.
The project is expected to be completed by the fall of 2012. Concerns about the fence voltage have been addressed, and as the general manager points out, we only want to stun, not kill. There may be unconsciousness for a short period but no lingering effects. It is simply a deterrent to escapees.
By the way, this is April Fools Day. None of the above is true. Did I get you?
Ken Dillenburg