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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A CWL statement question

A couple days ago someone asked me about the amount of the statement from CWL this year. From memory he thought it was less last year........and he was correct. Possibly it would be good to mention the reason here.
You may recall last year when formulating the 2011/2012 budget we found we had excess funds available. Considering the economy and realizing the financial burden some were under we decided it would be a good thing to return those funds to the property owners. We did so as a credit on the statements and it lowered the total owed for that one year. This year there are no credits so statements will be the same total as they had been prior to last year's credit.
I state this so anyone wondering why after announcing we had managed to hold down the dues one more year they would seemingly be paying more. That is the explanation.
Ken Dillenburg