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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another roads update

I mentioned here a couple days ago what the markings are you are seeing on the roads. Originally all were pink color. Those were the beginning markings of the 4 ½ inch remove and replace areas. You are probably seeing a lot more of those around now. The most deteriorated spots will be in pink. Now white markings are starting to show up. Those are the areas that will have 2 inch mill and overlay. Most of the 4 ½ inch areas will be part of longer 2 inch deep mill and overlay areas to smooth the roads and improve longer stretches. We are trying to patch the small areas that are not on heavily traveled roads with smaller patches then have longer extensions of improvement on the more arterial roads. Yes, the markings will look like hieroglyphics for a while but this process is continuing in an effort to have a pleasing end result.
Ken Dillenburg