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Monday, April 23, 2012

Public Safety weekly report

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week Ending 04/22/2012

Traffic Crash
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Candlewick Blvd. for a report of a traffic crash between two vehicles. Boone County Sheriff’s Officer responded and completed the traffic crash report.

Damage to property
Public Safety responded to a report of a damaged mailbox in the 300 block of Picadilly and the 100 block of Lamplighter Loop.  Reports were taken for a matter of record and no further information is available.
Public Safety responded to the Recreation Center for a report of an unknown person writing on the playground equipment.  Public safety is investigating the matter with a suspect identified.

Domestic Dispute
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Minarette Dr. for a report of a domestic dispute between a man and a woman.  Public Safety arrived on the scene until the Sheriff’s Office arrived to handle the incident.

Suspicious Vehicle
Public Safety responded to the 200 block of Talladega for a report of a suspicious vehicle.  Upon arrival the vehicle departed the area.

Rescue Calls
Public Safety responded to the 300 block of Lamplighter Loop for a report of a child having difficulty breathing.  Public Safety remained there until Capron Rescue arrived.

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