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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So what's in a name?

Unless you live in a cave you must have heard all the uproar around the addition of “pink slime” to ground beef in many supermarkets as well as food establishments for some number of years. The main thing that caused the uproar was the name of the product. Who wants to eat pink slime? This product was used for many years under the name “lean finely ground textured beef” and has been proven safe by government testing as well for what has been reported as a twenty year history. Plants have closed, jobs have been lost, and this will never be reversed. The product was made from the lean beef left on trimmings after the initial butchering process and for as long as I can remember trimmings were used for grinding in supermarket operations at store level. In this case a safe antibacterial agent containing a form of ammonia was used and that scares people as well. For years there has been injection of compounds in everything from hams to turkeys as well as prepackaged hamburger being sealed off site in I believe it is carbon dioxide inside packaging to avoid bacteria growth.
Why this long winded piece about the above? Did you know changing product names is common practice to help with product sales, just the reverse of what happened here? How many of you order the exotic sounding Orange Roughy when out for an evening meal? Did you know the name of the fish until the 70s was Slimehead? It wouldn't sell, thus the name change. What's the old saying.......A rose still smells the same by any other name? Something like that. Enough for today.
Ken Dillenburg