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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Illinois income tax... submitted by Bonnie Marron

Illinois Tax Day Sticker Shock!

Call Quinn, Madigan, Cullerton and tell them how much the 67% tax hike cost you

With our State and Federal income taxes due today, we’re seeing for the first time the damage done exclusively by Illinois Democrats: a 67% increase in the Illinois State Income Tax.
In the middle of the night on the last day of a lame duck session in January 2011, the state legislature - with no Republican votes - raised our taxes by two-thirds by just one vote in each chamber.
Now, here comes the bill!
Despite this record tax hike, Illinois is still on a collision course with financial Armageddon. We are in virtually the same mess that we were before the Madigan-Quinn-Cullerton Midnight Tax Hike except that Illinois taxpayers have less to spend at the businesses that haven't left our state yet for lower tax rates.
Look at a copy of your IL-1040 to see how much more you owe this year. Then call the offices of Governor Pat Quinn at 217-782-0244, House Speaker Mike Madigan at 217-782-5350 and Senate President John Cullerton at217-782-2728 and tell them how much less money you have to spend for your family (and less money that Illinois businesses could have received in lost income) thanks to the Illinois Democrats’ 67% midnight tax hike.