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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bye Bye Veolia

Our contract with Veolia Waste Disposal will end April 30 so a request for bids was sent out. Four bids were received and the winning bid was from Roscoe Disposal. It looks like a pretty good deal. Residents will be supplied with a 95 gallon container at no cost and the monthly fee will be $13.00 ($12.00 for those over 65). Details to follow but the extra bulk pick-ups and other provisions will stay pretty much the same as we currently have. One really good specification in this contract is a locked in three year rate. No increases. In this environment that could be important.
I personally have had calls from residents unhappy with Veolia for varying reasons and hopefully this will resolve many of those issues. Starting fresh can have hiccups but also can be a positive change in procedures.
 Ken Dillenburg