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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Sunday consideration....

The following is an anonymous quote. It is also an area in which I could personally use improvement.   Ken

Respect The Opinions Of Others
Even if you disagree with someone — especially if you disagree — it is important to exhibit genuine respect for their opinion. Over time, you might be able to change that opinion if you are respectful and persuasive enough. Right now, however, it is vital that you respect that opinion.
People form opinions based on a variety of factors. Usually, it is impossible for you to know all the influences which make up someone else’s opinion. So you really have no right to disrespect it. Instead, seek to respect and learn from the opinions of others. Make the effort to understand what has caused them to hold those opinions. Use them as a starting point for meaningful dialogue.
Most people have perfectly valid reasons which underlie the opinions they hold. These reasons may well be things which you never even considered. You don’t have to agree with someone to respect their opinion and learn from it. Open your mind and some useful stuff may find its way inside. Use the power of respect to increase your wisdom by respecting the opinions of others.