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Friday, June 22, 2012

AQUA…..something good to report

Two representatives from AQUA attended Tuesday’s board meeting and spoke regarding their general plans for CWL service as well as introducing the new area manager (Joel Garrett). They are planning an open house in August and have started meeting with a group from Candlewick to handle issues and keep us up to date on plans. They seem to be attempting to establish a better rapport with us and I thanked them for their work on the manholes as we progress with the road project.

As their final comment they presented us with a check for $500.00 to add to our fireworks fundraiser. That will put us close to or over the $3,000.00 goal. It is most appreciated. I hope a new era of cooperation has begun. We will see the next time they file for a rate increase. Was it Ronald Reagan who made the statement “trust but verify”?
Ken Dillenburg