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Thursday, June 21, 2012

New board policy for community input

I have mentioned before during the comments section of first half hour of the board meeting we have the same few naysayers with the same complaints at every meeting. In order to allow time for all attendees to speak rather than the time being all taken by the few we now limit the podium time to two minutes until all have had their chance to address the board. This seems to be working well, with some people speaking who have never had the opportunity. I am happy to report there was some very nice and informational new input. With the tightened format we will be adding three open forum meetings allowing five minutes for each speaker to address the board with suggestions, comments, and criticisms. Notes will be taken for the board and management to consider. There are some good ideas out there and we want to hear them. Dates for the special meetings will be published but the first one is July 25 from 7 to 9 P.M. in the rec center. The following meeting will be planned on a Saturday if possible.
Anyone addressing the board is now asked to come to the podium, state their name and address, then make their comments. The camera has also been repositioned so not only the board is being recorded as before but also the speaker will be in view. This way there is no question regarding who is speaking and what is said. We want community input but also accountability for unwarranted accusations and incorrect information.
Ken Dillenburg