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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Relief for "the dip"

 The smaller inlet in the far west end of the lake (the dip) has a problem in the summer when the small stream doesn't provide enough water flow to keep the area clean and we end up with stagnant water that builds a scum on the surface. It is not only ugly but it is also unhealthy and can develop and odor in hot weather. We are trying to remedy the situation with input from the lake management commission. Three floating pumps are being installed to push the water toward the main body of the lake, hopefully stopping the buildup. The electric hook-ups are already installed so once the inspection is finished the installation will proceed. This should be very soon.
  I am a little concerned this may not do the job but it is the best solution available and has been suggested by consultants who know a lot more about it than I. It seems to me when the pumps push the water forward we will get a circular flow in the area like if you sit in a bathtub and push water forward. It simply fills in the void from the sides. Probably not a great analogy but you get the point, when a void is in the water something must fill it and that will be the adjoining water, making a circular motion rather than forward. We'll see. Something has to be done. Maybe just the water movement will handle the problem like stirring a bowl.
Ken Dillenburg