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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More from last Tuesday’s board meeting

I don’t believe I have covered this in a prior post, if so forgive me. The board approved the bid from Rabine Paving to handle the complete hot crackfilling this year at Candlewick. There are a couple reasons we are going to go with them instead of using our maintenance crew as we do most years. When our crew does it we must rent the equipment to heat the material as it is placed plus although the guys try to clean out the cracks prior to filling they don’t have what is necessary to do a truly top notch job. Rabine does. I stated in the presentation regarding roads our new plan is to repair and maintain on a yearly basis. This is part of the maintain portion of the plan. If we do a superior job of crackfill we can maintain the decent parts of our roads for later replacement than would be necessary with our normal application.
The secondary part of the equation is the fact we will be using our maintenance to handle the vast majority of the shoulder reshaping and drainage control that has not been kept up on in the past. This is a huge undertaking, taking a lot of manpower and tying up a lot of the crew for an extended period. It is doubtful our crew can handle both jobs this year and still complete the normal projects they do on a daily basis. Rabine had some shouldering in their bid and that will be used in spots we indicate, undoubtedly the toughest areas since they have all the equipment needed for deep digs.
This summer is so hot and dry I doubt much shouldering will be done before fall when the soil softens and the new paving will not be too hot to be running heavy equipment on the edges, avoiding damage. All in due time.
Ken Dillenburg