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Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's all in the perception of tragedy

Just call him John. John and I have never met in person but we have "known" each other for a while through an online financial discussion group. John was painting the ceiling of a church when he fell, breaking his back and many bones. Staying alive was questionable. He is still very much an invalid but his spirit has brought him much further than was expected. He now after months can again type messages on his computer to the rest of us. What a positive attitude and what faith. His message deserves repeating. Please pray for John. John will not see this message but our prayers are with him.   Ken

I am experiencing joy beyond description

recently in a conversation with a skeptic to such a statement

I asked him if he can remember the first time he stood up
his first step

he scoffed and  "" said of course not ""

then  I kindly explained how I have just relived that type of miracle
and specifically..those  milestones

almost daily
for me
since the accident
being able to once again do something that following the accident
I could not do
( that includes pretty much everything )
is comparible to...doing it for the first time

and each accomplishment
considering what my prognosis was just a few months ago
is a miracle

and that  I get to experience each
at the personal level
is a true blessing


might I say
that having people I had never previously met
and better yet..some I have known for years
come to me and say I have inspired them..and explaining how
makes me feel
maybe... hopefully... I am fulfilling Gods plan  for me

and Ken , along with so many others

again  thank you much for you kind support

I will strive to continue