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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Road test results and more

TSC, the Rockford company we hired to handle the quality control testing for our road work have been providing results as work progresses and to date the quality and compaction have been right on target, as we expected. Rabine has really thrown a lot of manpower at this project to allow the majority of the inconvenience to our residents to be over quickly. That is appreciated. They are actually ahead of schedule.
On a less positive note, someone spray painted a few derogatory words about Rabine's work on our new blacktop. We have a pretty good idea who committed this childish act but of course proving it is another matter. There will always be those who take joy in criticism and vandalism even when they are no longer at the age for such acts. You may also have an idea of the perpetrator(s).The words have been painted over. 
The road and shoulder work will continue with very minimal disruption to your lives. Your patience during this time was and is appreciated. 
Ken Dillenburg