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Sunday, June 17, 2012

About Dads on their day

I am sorry to say my Dad will never read this. He passed away about ten years ago and not being a very vocal person when on the subject of caring I don’t remember ever telling him I loved him. He would have understood. He, like myself, are not ones for hugging and relating feelings but those feelings are there all the same.
I am one of the lucky ones that always knew Dad would be there when he was needed. I never doubted that. There is a comfort knowing someone will always be at your side regardless of the circumstances.
Although he is gone he really is not. Often I remember things he told me or showed me. He taught me to hunt and fish. He taught me right from wrong. Dad was a good athlete and I was terrible. Not once did he make a derogatory comment when watching me feebly try to play a sport in which he excelled. If I tried that was all he asked. Things I did well he complimented but failures were ignored.
He had a way of making a point when correcting me that always remained. As a child I told him “Why wash my hands, they just get dirty again.” His response was “Why eat, you’ll just get hungry again.” As a teenager I decided it would be “cool” to smoke. I bought a pack of cigarettes and stuck them above the visor in my ’57 Chevy so anyone riding with me would be sure to see them (even though I really didn’t like smoking). Dad got into the car with me for some reason, saw the cigarette pack, and said “If you spend money on cigarettes, then if you need help Mom and I probably won’t be able to help you.” I didn’t need their financial help but the point was made.
Most of all he was a good, kind man to the end. I hope all of you who are fortunate enough to still have your Dad will appreciate all he does and maybe even let him know how much he means………as I wish I had. There are no second chances. With admittedly damp eyes I wish all Dads a Happy Father’s  Day.
Ken Dillenburg