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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Positive Sign of the Times, I Hope…

Yesterday as I was driving to the Walgreens in Belvidere I happened to notice a string of five red cars travelling in front of me and thought it unusual to see so many of the same color cars together. Then I noticed that they were the same design. When we were all stopped at a light I realized these were all brand spanking new Dodge Darts that were being test driven. All the drivers had on neon colored vests similar to the ones construction workers wear and all the cars sported manufacturer plates. It was a pretty cool sight to see and I had two thoughts – 1. I am probably one of the first people to see the new Dart on the road, and 2. I hope this is an optimistic portend for the future of the Belvidere Chrysler plant and all the people it currently employs and those they will add to the workforce in the near future. It can trickle down to all sorts of employment elsewhere in the state line area. What a positive sign for pulling the U.S. economy out of its current state.
Bonnie Marron

(Oddly enough I saw the same line of cars by Rockford the same day. Ken)