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Friday, March 30, 2012

Why would this happen?

 I can't help but notice how much trash is in our ditches. Non-caring folks throw trash out of their car windows knowing that is not right. Something that amazes me almost as much is when I see it left in ditches in front of people's homes and not picked up. Last year during the Candlewick clean-up in my neighborhood alone covering about eight blocks I picked up several garbage bags of junk. Some people even mow over the trash leaving a pile of white paper and chewed up cans. This is so odd to me. If we all simply picked up in front of our own homes Candlewick clean-up day would be accomplished in no time.
 Vacant lots I understand but as I said, if I live in a home I wouldn't want trash in my ditch. There is no way we can tell our neighbors to clean their ditches but maybe, just maybe, if we cleaned their ditch when we clean our own they might get the point. Even if they don't you will have the satisfaction of knowing CWL looks better for your efforts and it takes so little time. Just something to consider.
Ken Dillenburg