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Friday, March 9, 2012

A short get-away

This week we wanted to take off for a couple days and Fran wanted to go to Castle Rock Lake, Lake Delton, and Devil’s Lake. All three were nice but if you have never gone to Devil's Lake Park near Baraboo you really need to take a look. This time of year the lake was still frozen and the hiking trails were not open but it was still breathtaking. Devil’s Lake was formed by glaciers depositing debris that blocked part of the Wisconsin River. The river changed course and the other end of the lake was blocked by debris. The lake is surrounded by high bluffs and cliffs making it in a hollow. It is a favorite of rock climbers. The pictures I took really don’t do it justice since all I had along was my phone but you may get the idea. I doubt I personally would even try the trails since they look really challenging. It is only a couple hours away so as I say, if you bored some day give it a shot. 
 Ken Dillenburg