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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The broken beak

Many years ago we were given a very nice present of a cement goose to place on our dock. It was a very nice goose, quite heavy and nicely painted. When we brought it home I opened the tailgate and as I lifted the goose out I bumped the beak and broke it off. Of course I couldn’t leave it like that so I glued the beak back on but there was a mark where it didn’t fit perfectly together. I filled that in with orange Crayola as close to the original painted beak color as I could get. A couple days later someone who dropped by often noticed the goose on the dock. He walked over to it and his first comment was “the beak is broken.”
He didn’t notice how nice the goose looked on the dock or comment on the decorative effect. He picked the one flaw and mentioned it. I have never forgotten that, not so much for his lack of consideration, but as a lesson to try to see the bigger and better picture first.
Many times I have felt that way when others decide to criticize some small imperfection in Candlewick. The vast majority of the residents see the whole picture with some small flaws but a tiny few focus on the flaws and miss the great advantages we enjoy living here in Candlewick. It is truly sad those few can not enjoy life knowing the small imperfections that will always be a part of our lives are being constantly monitored in an attempt to improve. Personally I can not think of a place I would rather be.
Ken Dillenburg