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Monday, March 12, 2012

Public Safety weekly report

Candlewick Lake Public Safety

Week Ending 03/11/2012

Rescue Calls
Public Safety responded to the 100 block of Delta for a possible heart attack. 

Suspicious Activity
Public Safety officers responded to the recreation center for subjects approaching people asking if they were interested in purchasing “Kush” (Cannabis). The subjects were gone upon Public Safety’s arrival.

Public Safety responded to a report of subjects knocking on doors and turning door handles to homes in the 300 block of Benedict Dr.  (Last week, Public Safety obtained information of a scam in which subjects would knock on doors and if a subject was home they would ask for change.  If not home, they would commit a burglary.  These subjects have been identified.  Call Public Safety at 815-765-3768 if this happens to you or in your neighborhood).

Traffic Crash
Public Safety responded to a report of a vehicle in the ditch in the 100 block of Candlewick Dr.  Upon arrival, Public Safety observed damaged mailboxes and located the offender who resides in the 300 block of Candlewick.  The driver was subsequently cited for failure to report a traffic crash.

Citations issued   15
Warnings Issued  33

Public Safety is actively and aggressively citing subjects who violate the road postings.  Public Safety will continue the aggressive enforcement action to ensure the integrity of
Candlewick Lake roads.

We thank you for taking the time to read these important updates.
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