Mission Statement..We will work to preserve and enhance our way of life through our homeowners association and provide information to the property owners to accomplish that goal.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday board of directors meeting

Unofficial Board Minutes of March 22, 2012

Election of Officers:  President – Bonnie Marron, Vice President - Ken Dillenburg, Secretary – Chuck Corso, Treasurer – Jeff Lutzow

General Manager’s Report:  Tracy thanked the people for coming to the General Meeting or sending in their proxies.  We did have a quorum and could conduct business which costs us the property owners less money.  They have been working on the Board Retreat, the dues mailing and several other things.
The fire on Brandywine was brought up and the progress on the house.  Tracy stated that they have been in contact with the insurance company and it has not been settled yet.  A neighbor was concerned about the appearance and the safety.  Citation and Public Safety will be in contact with the family to see if something can be done.

Finance:  It was recommended for Robert Rebba to be a member of the Finance Commission.  He has attended many meetings and has been an asset and has much to offer the commission.

ECC:  Karl Steiskal, Don Paresi, and Ken Dillenburg will be representing the Board at the ECC meetings.

Lake Management:  They talked about the top priorities for Joe Rush to work on.  They talked about 3 aerators to be installed.  They will lease them for one year and then look into purchasing them.  Jeff Lutzow was appointed to be the Board liaison.

Road Construction:  Bids will be back by March 30TH.  There will be a meeting for property owners to explain what is going to be done with the roads prior to the start of the project.

Recreation:  Clearview will be paying all fees connected with the pool drain and the pool will open on time.     These are some of the activities that have been and will be at the Rec. Center – Line Dancing, Cardio, Archery, Karate, hop scotch and 4 square, Ballroom Dancing, Pool Classes, Walking  Path, 3 on 3 Basketball, Zumba and Latin Dancing.

Legal:  They have been going through the By-Laws.  So far on the CC&R’s they have got 52 NO’S and 1,130 YES’S but they are still 30 votes short, so if you have turned yours in pleas do so.  Small political signs will be allowed on vacant lots.

Aqua:  There will be articles in the April newspaper.

Community Garden:  Sandy Morse has applied for the grant.  The garden will be on the north side of the office.  There will be about 10 plots; there will be more information in the paper.

Golf Course Well Repair:  They are taking bids and recommendations.

Fishing Passes:  It was passed that the cost of fishing passes would be:  $40.00 annual, 3 day pass $15.00, daily pass $10.00.

Annual Clean-up Day:  May 5TH. Chuck Corso will be in charge this year.

Coley’s Cooler:  Will sell ice cream again this year.  They are hoping that they will be able to start April 2ND.

Precor Exercise Bike:  It needs to be replaced and it was decided to buy a used bike at a total cost of $1,194.00 including warranty and delivery.

Golf Commission:  It was discussed to have a commission to discuss and make recommendations to Stuart about the golf course.  Chuck Corso was voted to head the commission.  

Report by Ellen Steiskal, Pride Secretary