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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The mean old man on the lake

That is what some of the “kids” are probably nicknaming me right now. Last week two different times I was yelling at teens at the boat launch on the east end of the lake. They were picking up big rocks, almost digging them from the shoreline and throwing them from the pier. Each time they did stop and leave after I told them. I know they don't really get that they are causing problems for those wanting to launch their boats or a danger to those coming in to dock. They are just kids doing what I probably would have done at the same age.
Having said that, we really need to all tell them it has to stop if we see them doing this. We are paying contractors to replace those rocks they are throwing from the shore. One thing I witnessed that was flat out attempted vandalism was a couple of them on the pier shaking it side to side as violently as they could, appearing to try to collapse it. Working together maybe we can put a dent in some of this activity.
Ken Dillenburg