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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Annual meeting of the property owners

 The current board at the start of the meeting
 The ladies in charge of counting proxies and attendees
New board members swearing in. Left to right...Steve Lambright, Karl Steiskal, Chuck Corso, Jeff Lutzow, and Don Parisi.
Pam Cangelosi doing the honors swearing them in.

You'll love this, I know I did.............

You will recall the situation where the manager and board contracted with a pool company to bring us into compliance with new regulations only to find we, along with hundreds of other pools, were still not considered to be compliant. We had to pay a fine and still fix the pool.
The board and manager were lambasted, being accused of being incompetent, wasting money, you name it. It was the same naysayers as usual echoing the chorus. We knew we had contracted with the stipulation we were to be compliant with the law. No question.
It was announced at the annual meeting the company handling the job is paying the fine as well as our legal expenses. When in legal negotiations we are bound to not discuss issues and believe me it can be very difficult at times to hold your tongue. We are fine and our pool will be made compliant for the summer season. 
Ken Dillenburg