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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So what did you do Tuesday, Ken?

Odd you should ask. Tuesday morning I drove all over Candlewick looking at the areas involved in the road repair project scheduled for early summer. Some are looking pretty ugly so it is good this wasn’t stalled for another year. Unfortunately as I have mentioned before the winter was rough on the roads in general. I saw several areas that have deteriorated quite a bit over the winter but are not in our first year plan. P.O.s will have to realize these areas will be taken care of but it may have to hold off for the next phase in 2013. No matter how this progresses some will feel their area should have been first. There is no way to please everyone the first year so please be patient, knowing we are trying to be fiscally responsible.
I saw many shoulder problems and of course ditch drainage that needs work. The ditches are engineered now so the plan is to get that work underway this summer as well. Nothing is being ignored but it will take some time and of course inconvenience for those in the work areas. It is coming together.
Ken Dillenburg