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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To me an interesting comparison

The turnout was low for our annual meeting but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Far more than enough property owners turned in their proxies so the meeting could easily be held. I like to think a lot of the P.O.s are pretty satisfied with the direction we are heading and wanted to be sure we could hold the meeting but didn’t feel they needed to attend. We like to have good attendance of course but this is not a real problem. The meeting was the shortest one I can recall, lasting a little over an hour. The only complaint during the time for P.O. input was from one of the naysayers asking a question about funds that has been asked and answered before, more than once before if my memory serves. This was a very nice cordial meeting.
Going a little off topic here, I would like to make a comparison. How many of you know since 1970 in most Supreme Court cases the attorneys are allowed no more than an hour total to argue their case? That is one half hour from each side to argue some of the most far reaching decisions to affect our lives. Ridiculous, isn’t it, and these judges are appointed for life, no matter how senile they become.
That being said, Obamacare is to be argued starting March 26 and the case is being allowed six hours of argument. That is the most time allowed for any case in decades. Of course not to overwork themselves the judges have scheduled those six hours to be spread over three days. I realize they are only ruling on the legality of forced insurance purchases but still, the law itself is thousands of pages. Give me a break.
Using the same logic, our board meetings should be cut to no more than five minutes total. Ridiculous……..but that is government thinking.
Ken Dillenburg