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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday evening catch

Saturday was an overcast day for the most part and the lake had a nice surface chop, just the kind of day when the walleye like to feed. Fran and I started fishing from the dock about 6 p.m. and at six thirty the action started. I noticed a twitch at the end of my pole. I picked it up and the first walleye, 22 inches long, took off like a shot. I netted it and the action continued until about eight, not constant, but enough to keep us jumping. The larger walleye is 22 inches, the smaller one is 18 inches, and the bullheads are at least a pound each. We'll be "eatin' high on the hog" as they say. Name another lake where you can get this much action in such a short time period. What a great place to live!
Ken Dillenburg