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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A few more board meeting notes

Candlewick is forced to no longer allow any guest boats on the lake. Insurance costs to our association have risen to the point it is not feasible to continue the practice. Many H.O.A.s with lakes are doing the same.
There is going to be strict enforcement of fire lanes that are marked as no parking areas. This is a health and safety issue and the fines will be steep. Just an F.Y.I. To those parking there. Handicap parking spaces will also be strictly enforced as I believe they should be. We all should be courteous to those who have a challenging health issue.
Here is another idiosyncrasy in the way we are forced to handle your money. We must have service work on the well at the golf course because the water pressure is not adequate to supply the sprinklers for the course. Since we didn't know this was going to be necessary the expense was not put in the current year's reserves budget. As an explanation, our reserves are for the replacement and repair of existing assets and our operating fund is just as indicated, for operating. The reserves are in great shape but operating is very tight. Now get this, since we had not budgeted for the well expense we are not allowed to take the money from the reserves to cover the cost. It must come from the operating fund. Can it get any more ridiculous? That is the rule and we are stuck with it. It would be like an individual having plenty of money in their savings account and almost nothing in their checking and have a car break down but can not use the savings to repair the car.
Frustratedly posted by Ken