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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remembering Those That Serve

I walked down to the lake this morning, as I do so often, just to enjoy the lake and have a little time for solitude and reflection.

My thoughts and prayers have been directed recently towards the welfare of Matt Bowman, a relative and truly exceptional young man. While Matt’s story touches our family personally, I believe it also reflects the courage and character of so many young men and women who have chosen to serve our country in the military.

Matt grew up in La Fayette, Indiana. He was a good student and star wrestler in high school. College was in his plans with a wrestling scholarship possible. But he wanted to serve his country first.

Matt joined the marines after graduating from high school. After numerous other assignments his unit was deployed to Afghanistan last December. While on night patrol a couple of weeks ago, an IED exploded near him. He lost both legs just above the knees, sustained damage to both hands and shrapnel wounds throughout his body.

Shortly after regaining consciousness and hearing his prognosis Matt said he was looking forward to recovery and the day he would be running on his prosthetics. His positive outlook on life and ambitions going forward are truly inspirational. As a nation we are blessed by the dedication, bravery and spirit of these outstanding young people that serve.


Mary Budreau