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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Proxies please!

We did better this year than last year with the proxy and attendance count last year being 116 short on the first annual meeting attempt and this year being only 28 short. That being said, we still must have the additional mailing this year to get those last few needed to hold the meeting.

I know you are being hammered to death with requests for proxies on the reader board and emails but this is so important. Each mailing costs us financially. Every time we spend money on these mailings it reduces the amount of dues credit available for the 2012 statements. With the additional costs for the replacement of the general manager, the 15 to 20 thousand spent on the document re-writes that are now of no use, the incorporation multiple mailings, the new demands from the “Y” and other new costs there may be no dues credit at all after this year’s statements. All unnecessary costs must be contained. I promised to work toward controls when you folks decided to elect me to the board and I will do so. Please help me and others in agreement on the board to do just that.

Ken Dillenburg