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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Dockside Grill

Yes, the name will stay the same but the Bravo’s Group will be taking over operations with a limited menu to start then building the menu using suggestions from customers. There will be sandwiches and basics to start but pizzas will still have to come from their Bravo’s across ’76. The lease agreement was passed by the board in Wednesday evening’s meeting so put the pen to paper and it is a done deal.

Bravo’s indicates they intend to concentrate on serving the Candlewick residents only but long term there is a plan in place to allow diners in with a timed pass system after supplying identification at the gate then the pass is turned in at the Dockside. The passes are matched daily to be sure they are only being used for diners. Violators will be excluded and the program may be stopped or modified to alleviate any problems encountered. It looks good.

Bravo’s will be responsible for the liquor license as well as real estate taxes, utilities, etc. It is agreed to be a family dining spot with good prices, not a bar. It looks like a win-win situation. We wish them the best. When they succeed we all succeed.

Ken Dillenburg