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Thursday, March 24, 2011

More expense from the "Y"

Another topic discussed at the Tuesday board meeting was the notice of the YMCA’s decision to terminate the current agreement with Candlewick to run our pool and other programs. They asked for an agreement paying them substantially more for the same basic service. This was not budgeted in that manner for our next fiscal year so the decision, although not actually finalized by the board, is to explore simply handling the entire program in-house. The “Y” indicated they will stay until June 30 on the current contract so we have a little breathing room to investigate. At first blush it appears they are expecting us to pay them $12,500 for administrative expense which just means to do minimal bookkeeping. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

I understand the “Y”s hesitance to continue a program that is not turning a profit for them but by being here they also have improved their exposure and stature in the community. I thought the “Y” is a non-profit organization. Public relations should be another consideration for them in this move, just like advertising expense.

Ken Dillenburg