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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Board meeting….part 2

What a great thing. It was announced our new public safety chief Kelvin was sent a letter of commendation from the U.S. Marshall thanking him and our public safety force for help in apprehending a fugitive from justice. The suspect (one of the ten most wanted) was staying in our community after fleeing from Iowa. We were able to discern what vehicle he was driving and where he was staying. When one of our gate personnel saw him enter the authorities were called and an arrest was made. The commendation also said they appreciated our help and hoped to continue the great cooperation. Congratulations to our public safety force!

Quick notes…The cheerleaders from the Boone County Lions will be using our gym temporarily for practice. They have insured us covering any liability. A request was granted for a small fireworks display after a wedding reception. A Memorial Day run was request was granted. The North Boone fishing team was granted a request to use our lake for a one day practice, catch and release only. $1,540 will be spent to upgrade the heating and cooling ductwork in the Savannah Oaks clubhouse for better efficiency. This should lower the utility bills. Lightning destroyed one of our scanners at a guardhouse and we have been using a borrowed one. We need digital units to communicate with police departments so about $1,500 will need to be spent to go digital at both gates. Our backup lake patrol boat sits in the water all season and is deteriorating so a property owner offered his lift and cover for $550.00 to keep our boat out of the water when not in use. That will be purchased at the request of lake management. Our AED units will have to be replaced (the heart shock units) at a cost of about $1,300.00. Emmanuel Lutheran Church will be allowed to use the outpost center for vacation Bible school again this year from August first through fifth. The controversial boat races will be held June 11 and 12 at no cost to the association. They asked for another training day but that request was denied. As little of the lake as possible will be closed for the races.

The rewrite of the CC&Rs and ByLaws is still on hold indefinitely due to changes in SB3180. Revisions to the law are in process so no final outcome is in the near future. Fine with me.

930 incorporation surveys have been received so here come more mailings. You know my feeling on this. What a waste.

The deal with Bravo’s Is about ready for signatures so expect an opening of our restaurant very soon. My guess…May 1 at the latest.

That about covers it from my unofficial notes. This was a long and unfortunately expensive meeting.

Ken Dillenburg