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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

421 and counting!

With a week still to go it appears we may have a very good ballot return this year for the board seats. Tuesday (March 1) the count was at 421 but there is a troubling side as well. Several ballots have been returned without being enclosed in the “secretary” envelope. This means those votes can not be verified as coming from property owners.

To restate the procedure, the small ballot envelope must contain only the ballot. The ballot envelope must be placed inside the secretary envelope and the property owner must sign on the signature line on the secretary envelope. It gets a little specific but those are the rules and we want all votes to be counted and valid. The secretary envelopes can be mailed or dropped off but next Wednesday is the cut-off.

As long as we are discussing this, if you are not going to attend the annual meeting your proxies are needed to obtain a quorum. Without a quorum we can not have the annual meeting. The proxies may be included in the secretary envelope but must not be in the small ballot envelope.

You know, it is almost confusing just typing this out. There must be a simpler way to handle this.

Ken Dillenburg