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Monday, March 28, 2011

Can’t keep a good idea down!

You will remember my posting a few days ago about Judy Rio’s idea of a bake sale to fund the reforestation of Oak Tree Park being cancelled due to excess health department requirements. It seems the idea has not been dropped, simply changed to a different funding source.

During our community garage sale Judy will be hosting a special sale at her home to fund the project. She is in need of donations for the sale as well as helpers to man it May 20 and 21. All donations should be in good working order and any clothing clean and in good repair. To either donate or volunteer to help please call Judy at 815-765-1713, cell 815-765-6464, or email fireflybay@msn.com.

Watch for full details in the upcoming Candlewick newsletter arriving this week.

The new trees in Oak Tree Park will be a great addition to the appearance of the park but also they will be a monument to community cooperation for a good cause that will stand long after most of us have passed on. What a great idea! Go get ‘em, Judy.

Ken Dillenburg