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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, that was easy

The board workshop was held as scheduled. When it came to the discussion of the new By-Laws Don Parisi, who has been one of the major players in the re-writes, indicated there are so many problems in the documents there is no reason to discuss them and mailing them out for a vote would be a major mistake. They are being put on hold indefinitely. One of many ridiculous provisions in the documents would have been all members of the board would have been out of office the year after the passage and an entirely newly elected board would be seated. As I said, that is one of many. There is an expected repeal or major revisions to the (765 ILCS 160/) Common Interest Community Association Act or 3180 as it is commonly called. That would have made the new By-Laws again obsolete. Don did the right thing in asking the process to be stopped until the By-Laws can be correctly worded. As I stated a couple days ago, stop the legal fees. We have spent enough on this.

That leaves the question of the mailing of the incorporation ballot. It appears now to save postage it will be mailed with the ballots for the board election. That is a month or so away so you can probably expect them in February unless things change again. Who knows at this point?

There was lengthy discussion about the final payment of the dredging service. Dakota Dredging feels they should not be penalized the $11,700 withheld due to late completion. It is a 39 day penalty as in the contract they signed. Their argument is there was rock, debris, gravel, and hard clay they didn't know about. They had been credited for time used when we asked them to change their method to make the lake more usable but they feel they should still get the $11,700. This will be discussed in further detail next week at the regular board meeting.

Ken Dillenburg