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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Non-eventful meeting (nice)

Oddly enough, there was so little comment in the first half hour of the board meeting the normal meeting agenda started about 20 minutes early. A nice, civil crowd this time.

The treasurer’s report indicated little change from last month, solidly in the black. The budgeting process for next year is in full swing with meetings starting soon. There was a write off of $3,166.00 in uncollectable debt from different circumstances like bank foreclosures of property and bankruptcy proceedings but this is normal procedure.

Public safety brought up a rather odd issue with people leaving their doors open. This includes garage doors as well as regular access points. People need to stop inviting theft in this manner. Get this, in December 21 doors were found open. That seems ridiculously high, almost impossible. The only good thing is it shows public safety as well as home owners are being vigilant in observing this.

The board is presently holding firm in its decision to withhold penalties of $11,700 from Dakota Dredging due to their completion delays. Good for them, the lake was disrupted for longer than the contract allowed so it is right and proper to have the contractually obligated withholding enforced.

A request was made from a church to hold a community celebration at the Outpost with three bands. It will be called the “Festival of Families” and will be fully funded from the church right down to the porta-potties needed. All that is asked is the use of the outpost. This is for residents and their guests only and seems like a nice get together. They expect 500 attendees. Good clean family fun, just what the community could use.

The board election ballots go out I thought they said around the 4th of February but this seems odd with the "meet the candidates" event well after that date. I may have to post a correction on this. Speaking of that, there are six candidates running and believe me you will be getting a group with extremely different views of Candlewick’s future. You will want to vote this time for sure.

For an uneventful meeting this sure turned into a long post. I must be getting “wordy” in my old age. Remember this is unofficial and from personal notes so look at the next Candlewick newsletter for details.

Ken Dillenburg