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Monday, January 24, 2011

Now this I like!

One of the items in next year’s proposed budget is something that probably only those who like to break the speed limit will object to.

There are people who feel their neighborhood is dangerous to children due to speeders ignoring the posted limit. The proposed new unit should make a big dent in that problem.

It is a mobile device that can be moved anywhere in Candlewick to monitor traffic speed. It will not only record the speed but it also will take a picture of the offending car including the license plate so citations may be issued with proof of the offense including the time the picture is taken. That is very hard evidence to dispute.

I am all for this. Safety of children and the public in general should be possibly the greatest concern for our association. The speeders can have at it but when complaints come in the street will be monitored and they will pay. This is one great idea and public safety and the finance committee have both recommended the purchase to the board of directors.

Ken Dillenburg