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Friday, January 21, 2011

Next year’s dues question

I have been emailed a question from a property owner regarding a possible dues credit for the upcoming year. I have been hesitant to broach the subject because although the finance committee has acted upon the dues credit question the complete board has not had a vote or even viewed the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. Nothing is set in stone.

The association has been running lean and coming in with surpluses as most of you know. Tracy, in discussions with Jeff (treasurer), thought it would be a good idea especially considering the economic times to simply credit the accumulated surplus toward next year’s dues, giving the P.O.s a break. The monies could have also been simply put into reserves for future use. The idea of the dues credit was presented to the finance committee and we thought it was a good idea. I even seconded the motion to recommend it to the board.

The budgeting process is still not complete but preliminary budgets will be presented at a joint meeting of finance and the board next Monday to go over the proposals. No firm figures will be available before more hearings and it is improper for me to comment on numbers that at this point are still in flux. Before passage of the budget all property owners will have a chance to view and comment on the budget.

Ken Dillenburg