Mission Statement..We will work to preserve and enhance our way of life through our homeowners association and provide information to the property owners to accomplish that goal.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let’s face it……times are tough

Many Candlewick residents are facing trying times financially as are those outside our gates. This is a fact and it is not productive to ignore the fact. We, as the largest population block in Boone County excluding Belvidere, have a lot of home foreclosures and residents using WIC as well as the food pantry. These things have to be taken into consideration in our budgeting process for the next fiscal year. Yes, there is the road project that must be started fairly soon and our other physical assets must be maintained but this is no time to start anything that involves spending that is not absolutely necessary. This is the current focus of our manager, board and finance committee.

It has been pointed out we have homes available for sale in the $50,000.00 range. I am sure we do but I also was interested to read a few days ago in the Rockford paper the MEDIAN home in Rockford (a city) during November sold for $57,800 on sales of 179 homes. That is not the low remember, that is the MEDIAN and it is shocking. Our property values have taken a hit just like almost everywhere else but as I quoted from a magazine research article some months ago, it was indicated property values in gated communities are expected to rise first. Something else to consider when placing your vote on the incorporation survey you will be receiving soon.

Don’t even consider opening our community to unlimited access by anyone no matter what their intentions. We have a good thing here no matter how much our opposition wants to deny it. Vote NO and preserve our way of life.

Ken Dillenburg