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Monday, January 10, 2011

Late breaking news...important

The By-Laws

I am sure almost everyone knows the story of the CC&R revision as well as the By-Laws rewrites that have been taking place. The CC&Rs have been withdrawn at this point from the mailing for further work before a vote but the By-Laws are still to be mailed since they only need a 30% yes vote to pass. That in itself is a little worrisome in my opinion. Either all the documents are acceptable enough or they are not. If and when the CC&Rs are mailed we will be looking at even more postage expense, mailing out large packets to well over 2,000 property owners.

My suggestion, let’s either get them all correct and acceptable then send them all out at once or forget it and work with our existing documents. We have spent many, many thousands of dollars on this already and it is getting out of hand. Even though Candlewick is solidly in the black it does not have money to throw away unless the action is absolutely necessary. Fiduciary responsibility is always very important but especially during times when some residents are needing aid.

There have now been enough legitimate questions put forth about the By-Laws that a board of directors workshop has been scheduled for Thursday, January 13th at 6:30 p.m. in the rec center. Workshops are not for the input of residents but simply an open discussion of specific issues by the board. Rules have been bent occasionally for input. I would suggest you be there if you want to see exactly what is being put forth as the new By-Laws. Remember, these are the rules by which we live. They will affect you.

Ken Dillenburg