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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monthly Neighborhood watch report

Bev Gaddis Neighborhood watch report.....
Here are the reports we have taken that are NHW related:

12-22-10 overnight 100 blk Griffin Pl
Christmas decorations stolen. Case Open.

12-25-10 4:40 AM 100 blk Lamplighter Aggravated
battery/Robbery. Three Male suspects. Wallet&phone taken. Case open.

12-29-10 overnight 100 blk Marquette Cash/gift
card/necklace stolen from House. No suspects or evidence.Case closed.

01-05-11 overnight 500 blk Pembroke Vacant
house entered, door Damaged, nothing missing. Case Open.

The following is not from Bev Gaddis............
Just a couple comments on the Christmas Day robbery. Unconfirmed reports say the three involved in the robbery were in a car. They stopped and robbed the victim as he was walking on the street in the dark at 4:40 a.m. Those involved tried to use his credit card at the Marathon Station across Hiway 76 and were caught on tape. If and when I am able to confirm this as well as arrests in the incident I will post it on the Pride website. If these were minors it can be difficult to get solid information. Again, these are unconfirmed reports so please take them as such. This shows no community is immune to crime, but come on.....Christmas Morning? Kind of says something about the perpetrators doesn't it. Ken Dillenburg