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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The gates make a difference

I listened to news reports from Rockford indicating there were “Gypsy style” robberies taking place, around a dozen so far. A person would come to the victim’s door saying they were from the Rockford water department. As they distracted the occupant an accomplice would break into the home through another access point and steal items from the unsuspecting victim. People were being warned of the scam and told to ask for identification.

Why would I mention this? Have you ever heard of such a thing happening within our gates? Sure, we have some people here who are criminal types as is the case in any community but I seriously doubt any outsiders would try a scam like this in a gated area. Normally this scam is worked on older people, especially those living alone. Although no security is perfect, our guards, gates, cameras, and security staff provide a level of deterrence that makes a difference. Some may say the gates are worthless……..who do you believe?

Ken Dillenburg

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