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Friday, January 7, 2011

No risk?…would you buy their bonds?

Here’s another way to look at the idea to incorporate that is being floated by the more government folks. Think of this in a financial setting. You are being told all the wonderful things that would happen if we were to become a city. Now the reality check…….

Let’s say you have a few thousand dollars set aside for investment for your child’s college tuition. There is a five year CD available for 3%. The brand new City of Candlewick Lake is trying to finance a park development and would give a return of 4% for the same time frame bond. Which would you buy? If you even hesitate with your answer you have doubt in the ability of Candlewick the City to pay in a timely fashion. I know I would not buy bonds from the new city. Assurances of long term solvency take on a different light when there is uncertainty.

Don’t put us in that situation of uncertainty. You know what you have now. I think it is great. Vote NO when the question comes in your mail.

Ken Dillenburg

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